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Insolvency Guardian is a company dedicated to securing financial freedom for companies and individuals across New Zealand.  We offer high quality insolvency services at New Zealand’s lowest prices, including Company Liquidation, Personal Bankruptcy and Business Administration.  With the help of Insolvency Guardian, you can resolve corporate or personal debts with cost-effective efficiency and professionalism, regardless of where you live in New Zealand or how complex your financial difficulty may seem.

Insolvency Guardian New Zealand is the NZ arm of Insolvency Guardian Corporation Limited – a multinational network with franchised services operating independently in Australia, USA, UK, EU and Hong Kong.  We combine the global framework and resources of our multinational presence, with our wealth of local experience and an intimate understanding of the New Zealand financial climate, to ensure that you receive best-practice resolution of your debts at a price you can afford.  Our New Zealand team understands insolvency in New Zealand, for New Zealanders, and can guarantee you long-lasting freedom from debt with maximum efficacy and minimal cost.

Insolvency Guardian’s team are experienced in both personal and corporate insolvency.  We are registered liquidators and administrators in New Zealand and can resolve your debts with best-practice techniques that ensure full compliance with the Companies Act 1993, Insolvency Act 2006 and all other relevant regulatory framework.  Insolvency Guardian is committed to full confidentiality at all stages of the insolvency process and will make certain your privacy and security is maintained throughout.  For Company Liquidation, Personal Bankruptcy or Business Administration in New Zealand with proven results and the lowest possible fees, you need to speak with Insolvency Guardian today.

With expert advice and assistance from Insolvency Guardian, you can move past debt and regain true financial freedom.  No matter where you live in New Zealand, we are here to help.  Contact us today for a free initial consultation with complete confidentiality and discover the myriad ways we can help overcome your debts at a price you can afford.