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Insolvency Guardian offers high quality services in personal and corporate insolvency at New Zealand’s lowest prices.  Our services guarantee complete resolution of your debts with steadfast adherence to the Companies Act 1993, Insolvency Act 2006 and all other legislative and regulatory requirements.  Insolvency’s Guardian’s services are administered by our qualified and experienced team, who have the skills necessary to ensure a solution to your financial difficulty with maximum efficacy and at the lowest possible cost.  With the help of professional insolvency services from Insolvency Guardian, your personal or corporate debts can be resolved once and for all at a price you can truly afford. Services offered by Insolvency Guardian across New Zealand include:

Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation is one of New Zealand’s most commonly sought insolvency services.  It comprises the wind-up of a business, realisation of assets to the benefit of stakeholders and deregistration of the company from the New Zealand Companies register.  Company Liquidation involves appointing a registered liquidator to take full control of the company and its assets, in order to satisfy outstanding debt obligations.  During this time, the company’s Directors will cease to hold any powers, but will remain in office and are obligated to assist the liquidator in performing necessary duties.  Upon completion of a Company Liquidation, the company debts will be considered legally fulfilled. Insolvency Guardian offers high quality Company Liquidation at New Zealand’s lowest prices – Click Here to find out more. 

Personal Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy is a legal remedy available to New Zealanders who cannot repay their financial obligations when they are due.  In Personal Bankruptcy, your creditors are prohibited from attempting to collect debts from you and once the bankruptcy period has expired (generally after three years) your debts will be considered resolved.  Personal Bankruptcy covers most forms of debt, but there are some exceptions that will still need to be paid.  A person can either apply voluntarily to enter bankruptcy, or bankruptcy can be compelled upon a person by a secured creditor.  While there are some legal restrictions placed upon a bankrupt person, in general bankruptcy is a positive process and can sometimes be the only viable option for satisfying unmanageable debts. Insolvency Guardian can facilitate Personal Bankruptcy with professional advice and assistance at prices that are truly affordable – Click Here to find out more. 

Business Administration

Business Administration (also known as Voluntary Administration), is an option available to insolvent companies for resolution of debt when Company Liquidation is undesirable.  Generally, Business Administration is sought by companies that trade profitably but have debts rendering them technically insolvent.  A company usually entersBusiness Administration by resolution of its board of Directors; however, a secured or unsecured creditor may also place a company into Business Administration through application to the court.  Business Administration will see a qualified Administrator placed in control of the company for a period of 30 days, at the end of which the Administrator will convene a meeting with stakeholders to determine the future of the company.  At this meeting, the Administrator will provide a recommendation as to whether: creditors should accept a Deed of Company Arrangement; or, trading of the company should be returned to the Directors; or, the company should be placed intoCompany Liquidation.  If there is a means to resolve your company’s debts without the need for Company LiquidationBusiness Administration is the best way to find it. Insolvency Guardian offers a complete Business Administration at the lowest fees in New Zealand – Click Here to find out more.